Quality, Affordable, Reliable Pavement Repairs
Quality, Affordable, Reliable Pavement Repairs

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Spray-Patch Road Repair, Inc., is a roadway and pavement maintenance company based out of Madison Heights, Michigan, Metro Detroit Area.
We are committed to customer service, quality products and competitive pricing. We have a professional staff of trained operators, experienced with all types of distressed pavement types. From asphalt to concrete our staff can knowledgeably correct your pavement issues.
Our process uses a hot emulsion product to bond the repair to the substrate below after the distressed pavement has been cleaned. This product is hot mixed on site using our proprietary machinery that coats the fill aggregate with emulsion as it sprays under pressure into the pothole. The compacted and bonded repairs will outlast cold and hot patch repairs. We work with cities, schools and municipalities, commercial, industrial and retail clients, apartments and condos. Emergency repairs year round. Please call for a free quote and our personal guarantee that your experience with Spray-Patch will be time well spent. Fully insured and bonded.
Working hard to fix Southeastern Michigan's roads with Spray Patch.

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Spray-Patch Road Repair, Inc.
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